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AFP wants to increase revenue in Europe by 50%

Damage during transport is one of the most impactful expenses for each company. For multinationals the amount of those costs can increase towards millions of euros a year. That’s why AFP produces hundreds of film... > lees verder

AFP is one of Gelderland’s Energy Leaders

AFP is invited by the Province of Gelderland to participate in the Energy Leaders programme. In this programme, fifteen companies join in to work on a strategy to achieve an energy saving within their own... > lees verder

AFP offers heat resistant load security

We do not want to alarm you, but are you aware of how hot it can get in a truck? And do you know which consequences this could have for the load security of your... > lees verder

Stretch film is als verpakkingsmiddel slechts het puntje van de ijsberg “Packaging”

Na een actieve carrière van 15 jaar in de verpakkingswereld, eerst in de coderingsindustrie en later in de flexibele verpakkingsmaterialen, kwam ik tot het besef dat een nog ruimere visie op deze interessante wereld noodzakelijk... > lees verder